More than 5200 books, 35 Journal Titles, Thesis, Library dissertations and Thesis protocols, I.T.S Library aims to provide highest quality reading material & services.

Library is centrally located on 2nd floor, with area of more than 8400sq. ft. The library is fully equipped, with an ambient environment for study and research purpose. The central library includes undergraduate and postgraduate areas, faculty lounge, Journal section, reference section, internet browsing centre and photocopy section.

Lecturer Theater:

We have 5 lectures theatres each with a capacity of more than 100-seats and each lecture theatre is fully equipped with hi-tech audio-visual equipment to provide students with a modern, interactive learning experience.

The lecture theatre is also regularly used for guest presentations to our students, updates on key maritime issues by experts and seminars

Computer Lab:

The primary goal of the computer labs and classrooms is to provide assistance to students that will enhance their chances of succeeding in technology-based classroom assignments and to provide access to equipment that will support the needs of instruction where we celebrate life-long learning. Keeping pace with the latest technology, we at Dasmesh have a fully equipped computer lab with multimedia & full time internet facility. The computer labs support the curriculum of the college and the assignments of the instructors


The College has a Physiology, Biochemistry, Microbiology, General Pathology, Dental Anatomy, Oral & Maxillofacial Pathology, Dental Materails, Prosthetics, Orthodontics and Phantom Lab which are loaded with all requisite armamentarium. This helps the students have hands on experience of various experiments and dental procedures prior to their clinical postings.


A tastefully designed infrastructure, it is perhaps the Most popular student congregation joint. All aspects of a fully provisioned cafe have been ensured. The special features of this cafe are:

  • Adequate seating facilities
  • Arrangements for Outdoor seating in lush green lawns or terrace of the cafe.
  • Proper equipment for hygienic preservation & Storage.
  • Variety of snacks & beverages / fresh juices at affordable rates.
  • Fresh juice as per season.
  • Full arrangements for organizing birthday or other parties at affordable rates.
  • Catering during Picnics, other parties or special meals on notice.
  • Proper fly proofing & other hygiene measures like clean crockery etc.
  • Food from outside not permitted


Staying in Shape can make everyone feel better about them; these also makes the individual awake, alert and best of all it will keep the person look younger and live for longer too, keeping these facts in mind , DIRDS campus facilitated with unisex gymnasium with all the basic fitness equipments for both cardiovascular and weight training programmes. Dedicated gym instructor is appointed to guide students in best way to keep him/her fit.