Faridkot at Glance

The town of Faridkot was founded during 13th century as Mokalhar by Raja Mokalsi, the grandson of Rai Munj, a Bhatti Chief of Bhatnair, Rajasthan who ruled this territory and built a fort here. Among the men forced to work as labourers on the construction of this fort was one Baba Farid. He was observed to possess miraculous powers which were demonstrated amongst other ways by the fact that the basket full of mud which he was given to carry floated above his head without visible support. He was, therefore allowed to depart. According to a popular folklore, the Raja renamed Mokalhar to Faridkot in honour Sufi Saint Sheikh Baba Farid. It remained the capital during the reign of Raja Mokalsi’s son Jairsi and Wairsi. Faridkot’s royal accoutrements notwithstanding – the Qila Mubarak being one of the oldest forts in Punjab and the Raj Mahal a striking example of Gothic revival – it is to Baba Farid that the town owes its immense popularity. The Tilla Baba Farid, a monument commemorating his 40-day meditation atop a mound, draws visitors year-round, their numbers swelling manifold during the Baba Sheikh Farid Aagman in September every year.


It is well connected to all major cities through road and rail. Nearest airport Sri Guru Ram Dass Jee International Airport, Amritsar located at 1:30 mins from Faridkot by road.