Scope of Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is a medical profession, dealing with ailments of human body which can render a human being disabled, dependent on society. Ranging from opportunities in government sector a physiotherapist can have job opportunities in private sector as well.

  • Own clinical practice
  • Hospital set up
  • Nursing home
  • Educational set up
  • Special schools
  • Psychiatric centers
  • Aged care centers
  • Indian Defense Services
  • Police force
  • Indian Railways
  • Government jobs in civil hospitals


Physiotherapy helps in making the life of physically challenged people productive and lively and is proved successful in many cases. A BPT degree holder has lot of career opportunities in private sector. Can enter school, fitness center, sports club, can start his career as

  • Assistant physiotherapist
  • Self-employed private physiotherapist
  • Therapy manager
  • Research assistant
  • Gov. health care institutions
  • Sports training
  • Defense
  • Schools for mentally disabled
  • BPT holders do possess a good career abroad
  • A candidate can chose to proceed further in study by opting for masters in physiotherapy in streams like sports, orthopedics, cardiopulmonary, neurology, and pediatrics
  • Ph.D. Physiotherapy can be pursued further by the candidates who want to enter into research practices in physiotherapy