Message from Desk

Principal Message


Dr. Pushpdeep Singh, MPT, Ph.D

Dear students education can only be partly considered about courses and study. It becomes complete only with integrated development of person. Very simply put the purpose of education is to build in better future for yourselves, your family, society and nation. This course of education defines way for the rest of your life. That is why Dasmesh College of Physiotherapy is more than just education; it is what I call as education to nurture and groom individuals who can thrive in competitive knowledge economy of the day while being grounded with a strong sense of ethics and values.

Physiotherapy is a healthcare profession that works with people to identify and maximize their ability to move and function. And functional movement is a key part of definition of health. This means that physiotherapy plays a key role in enabling people to improve their health and quality of life.

Dasmesh College of Physiotherapy was established in 2011 in North India exclusively dedicated to the education of health care professionals.